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    In the early 2013, Youle Technology Limted Company was founded in Shenzhen. It is a netbook manufacturing corporation, combining self-research, self-manufacturing, self-brand and self-selling together, with RADEN as product logo.
    After more than 3-year rapid growth, Youle has become a leader corporation in the netbook/gaming laptop field, and has contributed a lot in the leading and promotion of laptop’s development. Youle has also become the largest laptop corporation, with production and sales over 600 thousand pcs/year in 2013. For now,its products can be mainly divided into four parts:

    2.Gaming ultrabook
    3.Mini pc

    In 2014, considering the big change in PC field and for further the development, Brand“RADEN”has been founded, and successed in creating a new generation super mini PC, for original Intel Skylake i5, i7 chipset series mainboard, with size of only 10*10cm. Containing features of amazing appearance with feel of science and technology, ultra small size, high performance, low consumption, a lot of convenience, it can be widely used for official computers, personal computers etc. and has greatly changed the traditional user experience.
    Complete diversified marketing platform is the foundation of Youle products being all around the world. So far, we have our own factory in GuanLan, Shenzhen.Our company contains five sales platforms: overseas marking department, domestic marketing department, domestic direct sale department, OEM department, and electronic marketing department. They provide more precise and in-time cooperation and efficient service for customers of different areas, fields, properties and demands.
    We stick to focusing on mini PC and laptop products ; we stick to enhancing technological cooperation; we stick to increasing self-innovation; we stick to enlarging global sales! We do our best in making RADEN a world-famous brand!
    Our future life will be full of pc color! And with you, the future of Youle Tech will be brighter!

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